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History of Mason

There are few more iconic everyday items than the Mason Canning. Put it next to the most memorable product designs of all time

Perhaps it was the timeless logo, the incredibly comfortable weight, or the easy balance between elegance and utility that made it a success in the last century. Ironically, although the Mason Canning is one of the most iconic products of all time, few people know the history behind this timeless invention.

  • Today, food manufacturers, restaurateurs, and home canners all know the point of preserving food. But 160 years ago, people didn't consider (and weren't really aware of) the potential dangers of expired food or poorly sealed vegetables. Without a thorough understanding of food preservation, foodborne diseases such as botulism, listeria, and E. coli. E. coli is a major threat.

  • The primitive methods of canning, pickling, and salting helped extend the life of food, but the art of food preservation wasn't perfected until John Landis Mason developed his airtight invention, the "Mason Canning".

Who we are

  • Since 2019, we have been working hard to provide each customer with the best quality service. The main business of MasonJarLid physical stores and factories is canning far lids, which have won the praise of the majority of users with excellent quality and affordable prices. Masonjarlid has multiple distribution centers to ensure our delivery speed and transportation speed. In the future, we will continue to explore new areas and provide more and more affordable products for every customer who enters our store.

  • At MasonJarLid.com, we will live with the best quality, avant-garde service concept, and promise to provide the best products at reasonable prices. We are always looking for ways to go beyond, whether it is for a customer or everyone in our footprint.

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